WCTF 2020 - thymeleaf

ChallengeIn Nov. 2020, Balsn was invited to participate in WCTF - a CTF event that only invited 10 world’s best CTF teams. The most special part of this event is that each team needs to design 2 challenges for the other teams. thymeleaf is a windows challenge designed by r3kapig. Type: Web Solved: 5/9 Author: r3kapig SolutionReconIn the...

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Balsn CTF 2020 - TPC

Challengetpc is one of web challenges in Balsn CTF 2020. As a reviewer of challenges, I would like to share my solution. Category: Web Solved: 33 Author: ysc DescriptionFlag is in the working directory SolutionAt first, what we got was only a site that would query a site you assigned. SSRFObviously, there is an SSRF vulnerability. W...

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前言會寫這篇的原因主要是因為剛弄好這個Blog,但暫時不知道要寫什麼。因此就先記錄一下架站的過程好了。 所需工具 Node.js Git 安裝 Hexo 並建立網頁cd $Destination_Dirnpm install hexo-cli -ghexo init blogcd blognpm installhexo ghexo s 驚不驚喜 開不開心 部屬至Github 先進github建立名為[username].github.io的repository(所有的[username]請自行代換成使用的github ID) 對剛建立的repository進行commit 修改blog/下的_config.xml deploy: type: git repo: gi...

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